About Us

Pioneers of the industry


Humble Beginnings

Latest of that time, we started with TV Booster and Antenna Booster.


Maheshwari Electronics was founded

TV Kits. Installation of dish antennas. Later began making dish antennas.


Kerela: Where we started

Began Cable TV operations with 2 channels. Subsequently launched 12 channels, 50 channels and then 108 channels.
Kerela was the first state Maheshwari Electronics took under its wing and then expanded to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu



We introduced FIBER OPTICS into the CABLE TV domain.
Purchased 18 Machines from FUJIKURA.


First Digital Headend in Kerela.



Splicing Machine was introduced

Splicing Machine was inducted into our product domain.
Subsequently OTDR and Power Meter.


Manufactured Optical Fibre Cable (OFC)

Began manufacturing optical fibre cables.


Largest seller of Fusion Splicers

Maheshwari Electronics became the largest seller of Fusion Splicers in India in Cable TV



Maheshwari Electronics continues to be the largest sellers of Fusion Splicers and Optic Fiber Cables in South India.
Subsequently OTDR and Power Meter.


The Company.

Leading the cable, telecommunication and internet revolution in India

Today Maheshwari Electronics provides superior technical services in CATV, OFC Cable, OFC Equipment, Security, Surveillance, Solar with commissioning & installation, Software development and implementation. With expertise in our respective field we are committed upon client needs in every domain, from design to implementation offering continual functional and technical support.

The name MAHESHWARI has become synonymous in networking industry with its prestigious products. The company has never looked only for cost, has and will always provide products of high efficiency at the most competitive rates.

The Founder.

The Man Carrying The Batton, Behind the Success

Mr Anil Kumar Kabra, the founder of Maheshwari Electronics & Cable TV Pvt Ltd, is a pioneer in the cable TV industry for almost 30 plus years.

His contribution to the cable TV field has been laudable.

He has undertaken an extensive hard work & played a key role in the development of Cable TV industry.

He started his career in the early 80’s and with his humble & honest approach; he achieved the success and became a pioneer. He has been serving as an active member of the Skill India Development (A govt. of India initiative) to contribute towards skilling & development of the cable TV operators and the industry by organising several seminars, workshops etc.


The People.

Each and everyone in the organization is a pillar of strength

The company takes pride in providing excellent service with company-trained technicians and well-equipped service establishments in all spheres.

Our company at present known as one of the fore most prime solutions for Digital Cable Tv and optical fiber Networking in the nation, have completed many many turn-key installations across the country.