QAM Signal Level Meter

QAM Signal Level Meter

Product Description

JDSU, home of WavetekTM field meters, provides a new level of value and performance in a QAM signal level meter (SLM). The MicroStealth QAM SLM is an ideal tool for field technicians seeking a single tool to quickly ensure the quality of digital cable services.
The MSQ-900 is simple and compact, yet packs an impressive feature set with remarkable performance. It provides all the necessary tests for verifying digital and analog cable services up to 1 GHz. The digital measurements include digiCheck digital signal level, modulation error ratio (MER), and pre- and post-FEC bit error ratio (BER). The MSQ-900 also possesses the features expected in a good SLM including analog channel video level, video-to-audio level, carrier-to-noise (C/N), full scan, and tilt.

  • Complete 5 to 1000 MHz analog and digital measurement
  • MER, pre- and post-FEC BER, digiCheckTM digital power level
  • Analog video level, V/A, C/N, line voltage
  • AutoTest, fast automated testing to qualify multiple digital and analog channels with Pass/Fail indication
  • AutoPlanTM, industry-leading automatic channel plan builder with digital QAM detection
  • Scan and Tilt measurements show network frequency distortion problems
  • Simplified icon-based user interface reduces training time from days to hours