Digital QAM Meter

Digital QAM Meter

Product Description

Geberit digital Qam meter comes with a solution that can handle digital 1V and maintain the analog spectrum, enable technicians to use it in the most demanding situations with a single.rugged instrument, wherever it is needed.The new QAM View digital analysis option adds forward path digital signal testing that includes constellatio pre post FEC I BER, MER. Analog signal measurements are addressed with standard features like RF signal levet full scan, TILT in­ service C/N,Alv. and FCCcompliant auto testing.

  • Ideal for digital and analog network
  • Digital measurement
    The meter lets you take the direct measurement of QAM signals average power measurement, digital analysis option is available for forward path digital signal testing that includes pre/post FEC BER, MER, constellation,
  • Analog measurement
    The meter can display all channels in a single view. Amplitude measurement is displayed individually, as a group, or as a full-span display.
  • * limit and auto measurement
    Limit measurement and automated FCC proof of performance test, Auto measurement * Up to 10 learned channel plans, changeable through PC, also has 2 user defined channel plans, available to define the favorite channels from basic channel plan. STILT measurement can set 12 channels at most, up to 12 tests results can be shown in a same screen.
  • Data logging
    The meter can save files for level, spectrum, scan, limit test and auto-test measurements, these files can be recalled to view the recorded data via RS-232C port