D.B Meter

D.B Meter

Product Description

Geberit Signal level meter is specially designed and manufactured for CATV system installation and testing.It's a unique instrument, easy to carry with many functions.This instrument can test CATV signal level both at channel and frequency mode.Also it can measure CATV TILT, C/N,trunk cable Voltage,battery level etc.The LCD clearly displays all testing results. It especially :fit for CATV station as a professional measurement instrument Af TILT mode it can be set 4 channels.

  • Frequency Range: 45 ~ 860MHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth: 280KHz +- 50KHz
  • Level Range: 30dBpV ~ 120dBpV
  • Accuracy: +-1.0dBpV / Input impedance: 75 ft