Transmitter 1310nm

Transmitter 1310nm

Product Description

Geberit 1310 transmitter is a high quality broadcast transmitter used to send RF analog and digital content over long distance optical trunk and HFC networks. Geberit transmitter supports 13 /14 /15 dBm optical output power, a wide AGC range, 47 to 1000MHz frequency response and SNMP remote management to allow it to be deployed in a wide variety of network topologies carrying both analog and digital content If you are looking for a good performance CATV transmitter, Geberit transmitter is the right choice for you.

  • Adopts high efficient DFB Laser
  • RF over voltage protection, Laser over heat protection
  • Automatic power control to ensure the reliability & stability.
  • High quality switching power supply with over voltage protection, short circuit protection.
  • Surface mount Technology
  • Automatic gain control/ Manual Gain Control