Transmitter 9/10 dbm

Transmitter 9/10 dbm

Product Description

Geberit optical transmitters offer great flexibility to meet the demands of today's CATV requirements. Geberit 9 dBm &10dBm transmitters are ideal for offering a combination of analog and digital content These transmitters utilize a directly-modulated 131Qnm DFB laser diode and superior circuit design supporting automatic temperature and power control Features include gain control (both AGC or MGC) for RF input level and excellent linearity due to patented pre-distortion technology. Geberit transmitters are an ideal solution for today's medium sized CATV system offering a wide array of services.

  • Power Ranges from 6-10mw
  • Network Management Capability
  • Automatic Gain Control Using Pilot Carriers
  • Highly Stable Output
  • RS485 Control Interface
  • Patented Pre-distortion Circuitry, Low-Distortion Performance, High CNR