Double output Transmitter 9/10 dbm

Double output Transmitter 9/10 dbm

Product Description

Geberit dual output 1310nm optical transmitter is designed for 1000 MHz optical transport system, especially for CATV system. The high performance, reliable optical transmitter help you meet the demands of today's advanced broadband networks. 1310nm direct modulation fiber optical transmitter, adopts high linearity DFB lasers, and builds-in perfect pre-distortion adjustment circuit and laser APC, ATC closed loop control circuit All the operating parameters of fiber optical transmitter are controlled by microprocessor. It is a universal 1310nm double output fiber optical transmitter.

  • Adopt high performance DFB lasers
  • Adopts RF power digital automatic process technology designed by ourselves at RF driving part It can auto-adjust RF driving power according to the input RF signal level to make the CSO ,CTB and C/N in the best condition, which ensure performance of the whole equipment and make the output level of optical receiver keep the same.
  • Advanced multi-frequency point predistortion technology with GaAs devices optimize CIB and CSO value, which are the most important index in CATV system, meanwhile maximize the C/N.